Thursday, November 18, 2010

Porsche at the 2010 LA Auto Show

The Porsche Carrera GTS is unveiled at the 2010 LA Auto Show

I have a whole Porsche gallery coming but until then please enjoy the unveils.
UPDATE: Please enjoy the gallery  >>>>here or continue for the unveil shots.

The limited edition Speedster. One of 356. 100 will come to the US.

Porsche's burlesque unveil of the Cayman R started in the 50's 

It's the 70's, you can tell by her disco hat.

I think this was the 90's.

Apparently this was now.

Finally the Cayman R is unveiled. Woo hoo.


  1. Being an auto buff yourself Sean, I bet you know why they chose to make only 356 of the Speedster, right?
    For those who aren't really into Porsche, the original body-type designation was, yep, you guessed it, 356.

  2. Great photos of the show. I really enjoy your commentaries.

  3. Thanks! I think you guys will enjoy the Porsche gallery once I post it ;)

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