Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Honda Fit EV should be available just in time for the apocalypse. Brains power not mentioned as part of co-generation plan.

The 2012 Fit EV Conept is revealed at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show
Needless to say I was a little disappointed Honda was showing a Fit EV that won't be coming out until 2012. I'm not sure what's up with Honda's total power domination vision of the future either but it is somewhat inline with what I have been thinking since I started covering the auto show circuit 4 years ago. The future's power sources are fragmented...

Total Energy Domination Management System
...but just like the last century electricity is going to play a big roll and Honda wants to be there. Not only with their automobiles but with power generation, storage and distribution. I love the idea of self sufficient power production and would not miss a single power pole or line blocking my views... someday. Solar, wind, piezo electric, wave, etc I want it all and now. How soon can Honda, or some other company bring something like this to market at a price I could actually afford?

70-100 mile range? You might consider something that goes a bit further if you are trying to out run zombies.
Back of the 2012 Fit EV

 EV right there.
Charging port.
The future of re-fueling, no more stink hand but be prepared to wait. The Fit EV will take 12 hours to charge at 120v and half that at 240v. Did someone just say brains?
"Like everyone, our ultimate goal is to power personal mobility with electricity. But no matter how appealing it might seem … no one vehicle can meet every customer need … or solve every societal challenge."- Takanobu Ito, Nov 17th 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show


  1. This has been a welcome model for the Fit/Jazz family. I can see the Fit EV selling well. Even car loans companies are offering it.

  2. I am so excited for this model and next sunday i will but ahahhaha