Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mazda Shinari Concept

The Mazda Shinari Concept

After covering auto shows for the last 4 years I have developed the  same attitude towards these concept cars as this guy snapping pics as he strolls by without even looking at the car. Even so, I took a couple of minutes with the Shinari....

I'm glad I did too, because it got me thinking about all the money that is spent on concepts. Not just on the designs but on the cost to move them around the world, their displays at the shows, the press coverage, advertising, travel costs etc. I know these cars draw a lot of attention because of their looks but most of the time they are made up fantasies that might as well be a Jetson's car. 

A couple of journalists check out the back of the Shinari, while I realize  how tiny the door handle is... very tiny.

Exhaust pipe for my Belgian friend.

Shinari side view.

Shinari Headlight.

Shinari nose...

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